Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Maijuana Use By The Numbers

Great post by the people at NORML. Really liked how they used data collected by the government itself. Read the full article on NORML's blog.

I think it the most interesting and attention grabbing point that this post brings up is how one of the initial reason for beginning the war on drugs was to “protect our children” from harmful and gateway drugs. If throughout the nation, and especially California, marijuana is easier of minors to obtain than alcohol then clearly this mission was a failure. The anti-smoking adds have made weed just as popular as alcohol among minors, and keeping it illegal is exposing these teens to users and pushers of more dangerous drugs. If there is already a clear working model for how an age requirement on a substance nearly eliminates its black market availability for minors, and legalizing weed would remove its relation to and presence around other, more dangerous drugs. Then is it just me or is the war on marijuana just another way that the government likes to throw money at an issue while still exacerbating the problem? Making weed legal for those who were over 21 would provide sales tax revenue for the government, save the government money on enforcing marijuana laws, and reduce its availability to minors. Great post, it brings up many sound points for legalization, and it does it using the drug enforcement’s own survey. Arguments such as these can not be ignored by the legislators forever.

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