Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Critical Superior Court Ruling Goes Under The Radar

I just came across an article in the Los Angeles Times that was overshadowed by the media coverage of Obama's new statement on Medical Marijuana. On the same day as the written statement from the President, a California Superior Judge ruled that the city of Los Angeles' ban on new medical cannabis dispensaries is invalid. By ruling that one new dispensary does not need to follow the ban, the city recognized that this would make future efforts to enforce the ban nearly impossible. Los Angeles District Steve Cooley did not retreat from his position that most of the clubs in the LA area were still in violation of state law by taking in a profit.

The Los Angeles DA is still not able to see how these shops might help generate revenue for the state, or that the people of his city are in favor of them. He reportedly responded to the ruling by stating that,
A collaboration of numerous agencies, including federal, state and local police agencies, county and city prosecutors, will combat the proliferation of illegal medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles City and County,
This is the same Steve Cooley who recently announced that nearly 100% of the collectives in Los Angeles are operating illegally because of an interpretive loophole he found in the Compassionate Use Act that was passed by voters 13 years ago.

How can the state government let someone who is clearly against the medical program determine the legal status of all of the coopratives in one of the most populated, and medicated, districts?

Hopefully the continued opposition and illegitimate allegations by public officials and law enforcement will not be seen by federal agents as a way to continue assisting raids on the medical industry. While the court ruling may help the current situation, it still seems as if the few remaining opponents to medical marijuana will not be persuaded by arguments, or follow the guidelines set forth by those who support cannabis for medicinal purposes.

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