Monday, October 19, 2009

NORML Agrees That Law Enforcement is Final Opposition

For many years, most people who have been in favor of, and somewhat in tune with, the discussion about medical and legal cannabis have wondered why it remains a debate. Some people are simply shocked that medical use even remains a discussion, and that normal use remains illegal. Because of the majority support of the citizens, and the obvious state revenue cannabis would generate, prohibition now just seems illogical in many minds.

Many of these concerned people have come to the conclusion that pharmaceutical companies, along with big tobacco and the alcohol companies, are behind the hold up. Some feel that these companies are brutally lobbying for, conspiring for, and financially supporting marijuana's current legal standing. Marijuana is either a perfect or close substitute for all three of these goods. While this may be the case, the active opposition, and the is probably the most true of the pharmaceutical companies. (Especially when there are rumors that Marlboro has already developed the packaging and marketing strategy for Marlboro Greens, just in case legalization goes through...) However the true opposition could be much more in the public eye than that.

NORML has recently concluded that,
Law enforcement organizations — including cops, district attorneys, prosecutors, prison guard unions, sheriffs, and narcotics officers associations — remain the primary force working against sensible marijuana law reform.
As evidence, they cite the Los Angeles Time's report on the DA's plan to prosecute nearly 100% of the dispensaries running in Los Angeles for non-compliance with state laws. The DA is claiming that any dispensary that has over-the counter-sales is operating illegally. This statement was not based of off any state court or government decision, and it remains the sole opinion of the Los Angeles DA. This cannot simply be one man's hatred and mistrust for marijuana, and seems like a big move to generate funds for the city's law enforcement. The people of LA have caused uproars about this decision, however the DA shows little acceptance or sympathy for the public's beliefs.

Another shocking piece of evidence in favor of law enforcement's vendetta against legal cannabis is the California Narcotics Officers Association's paper entitled “California Police Chiefs Association Position Paper on the Decriminalization of Marijuana.” In this paper the officers association spits out un-backed claims about the cost of legalizing marijuana and many of the evidence they use is entirely contradiction with what studies on the topic have shown. They claim marijuana addicts will turn to crime to fuel there addiction and it will increase the rate of other drug use. Studies on both of these arguments have shown the opposite effects. Usage tends to increase only minimally and many people begin to use marijuana instead of other drugs.

Probably the scariest part about both of these pieces of evidence is that the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, reported that DA Steve Cooley was recently a guest a a convention held by the same California Narcotics Officers Association. The topic of this conference was the ‘eradication of medical-marijuana dispensaries in the city of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County,’

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